Hey, Have you listen about Word Power Made Easy PDF? Don’t worry If you don’t know about it. I will tell you what it is actually.

This is a actually a Book by Norman Lewis. Book helps you to improve your vocabulary to a high level which will help you in most of the competitive exams like SSC CGL, Bank PO, IBPS clerk, IBPS PO, RRB PO, RRB clerk.

Download Word Power Made Easy PDF


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I am quite sure, once you start reading this book, you will start seeing the results. As you know when it comes to vocabulary, It becomes too hard to learn at once. Vocabulary is ocean of word, antonyms, synonyms a lot more. You have to prepare well before attending any competitive exam.

Quick Summery

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Disclaimer- I am not author or publisher of this pdf file. As it is already available on the internet so I am just sharing it with my readers. That’s all. If you have any query regarding the post, you can contacts us.

About the Author

Norman Lewis was an American Grammar author. Lewis has wrote are How to Read Better And Faster, Speak Better, Instant Word Power, Write Better, Dictionary of Correct Spelling, and Dictionary of Pronunciation. In all his books, he tried to improve our skills in English. Norman Lewis was born in New York in 1912. Orphaned at an early age, he lived with his sister’s family. He earned his master’s degree from Columbia University and began teaching English language and grammar.

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Word Power Made Easy PDF is divided into Three Parts to make it easy to understand. You can-

  • Speak and write with confidence
  • Read more effectively and efficiently
  • Learn Quickly
  • Develop Social Contacts
  • Increase your earning power

What you will read?

You will be learning a particular thing under each Part and ending of the each part, you can test your skill. You can check your progress what you learnt. Do check out below-


  1. How to test your vocabulary present
  2. How to start building your vocabulary
  3. How to talk about personality Types
  4. How to talk about Doctors
  5. How to talk about various Practitioners
  6. How to talk about science and scientist
  7. How to talk about liars and lying
  8. How to check your progress


  1. How to Talk About Actions
  2. How to Talk About Various Speech Habits
  3. How to Insult Your Enemies
  4. How to Flatter Your Friends
  5. How to Check Your Progress: Comprehensive
    Test II


  1. How to Talk About Common Phenomena and
  2. How to Talk About What Goes On
  3. How to Talk About a Variety of Personal
  4. How to Check Your Progress: Comprehensive
    Test III
  5. How to Check Your Standing as an Amateur
  6. How to Keep Building Your Vocabulary

So That’s all you will learn in Word Power Made Easy PDF

Last Words

Word Power Made Easy by Norman Lewis is must read book for those who are weak in Vocabulary. This book will help you in improving your vocabulary as help you in competitive exams. If you are looking for an amazing book, then I highly recommend you Word Power Made Easy PDF and I insure that, you will master soon in vocabulary if you read it deeply and regular.

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Hope like other post, this post was also helpful for you guys. Now it is turn to share and spread love. Share to those who are looking for amazing vocabulary book or attending any competitive exam.