As usual, I always come up with some useful stuff for you guys, Today I came up with another subject with its pdf file which you can download in your phone. Book called Shankar IAS Environment pdf is being shared here. This book will help you to crack Environment related question which are being asked in state level, UPSC and other competitive exams.

Environment is subject in which most of the students get stuck on. But you do not have to worry from now. Because we are sharing a Shankar IAS Environment PDF 5th Edition File. You can download it on your phone, open it using any pdf reader app and study it on your phone.

Download Shankar IAS Environment PDF

Download Shankar IAS Environment


This book is prepared by Shankar IAS Academy which is best coaching institution of South India. Students join Shankar IAS Academy to study or crack Exams like IAS, UPSC and other Civil Service Exams. Shankar IAS pdf follows the same pattern and syllabus given by UPSC.

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Disclaimer- doesn’t own this book, niether created nor scanned. As it is already available on various sites. I am just sharing the link to help students out. If have any query regarding this please fill this contact form. We will look into as soon as possible.

About Shankar IAS Environment PDF

Book is language very simple and content inside the book is worth the price. I ensure You won’t get trouble while studying this book. Book covers all important concepts and points of Environment. It focuses on topics like Environmental ecology, Bio-diversity and Climate Change.

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Book is divided in 5 Parts- Environment Ecology, Biodiversity, Climate Change, Agriculture, etc.

Some of the topics discussed in the book include Ecological Pyramid and Nutrient Cycling, Food Web, Ecological Pyramid, Ecosystem Rainforest, Deciduous Monsoon Forest, Biome, Bread Basket Region, Food Chain, Primary Consumer, Planktonic, Biological Magnification, Ecological Explosion, Ecotone, Chemosynthesis, Biogeochemical cycle, Miss Semple, Possibilism, Stratosphere, Biosphere, Species Types, Ozone Depletion, Club of Rome, Nutritional eutrophication,  acid rain, Marble Cancer, Soil Types, biogeographical realm, xerophytic, Nitrogen Cycle, Greenhouse Gas, Young lakes, Good Ozone and Bio-diversity loss.

So All I can say, if you are preparing for civil service or other UPSC exams then this is a must read book. You can purchase it from Amazon or you can download it on your phone from our blog for free.

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As I always do share good stuff So please share this post to your friend if they are preparing for UPSC and other civil service exams. This post can help you in some way and your effort for sharing to them will also be appreciated from both them and me. Thanks for reading and best of luck for best preparation.