Getting jobs in the government sector could be the most difficult or the challenging part for anyone though and that’s how it turns out to be a challenging part for aspiring candidates and of course, the fresh graduates who are appearing for the first time though. However, everything matters when you actually want to look for these government jobs and of course even these salaries matter a lot though. Well, you need to know that every government organization and department actually releases a notification for the posts that they have a vacancy for, with all the details about the profile, designation, post, salary, examination, patterns, marks, exam fees, and other details though.

Well, we are here discussing the SBI, which is also known as the State bank of India and you might be already knowing how famous and popular that this bank is particularly. It is generally not easy to get entry inside these government offices or the posts though. Recently, again this year, the State Bank of India has actually announced the vacancies in these banks and the government offices though. The notification states that there are 2000 vacancies for the post of Probationary officers and executives though.


However, you need to know that these SBI PO is the most popular exam that are conducted to hire the best candidates in the banking sector, of course, majority of the aspiring candidates who look forward to get associated with the bank so that it can provide a great career, with a government job which has no fear of job security and of course with a great salary too. As, we have reached a point where we need to discuss the SBI PO salary, which offers a great package for the employees in Probationary officer or the position for sure.

Bank Salary PO 2019

Well, all the government banks provide a great salary and to let you know all of their salaries are almost similar, and hence aspirants actually desire to enter into these government organizations, and especially the banks that have the best records of salaries and the packages for the officers even for the fresh graduates too. PO designation with SBI is the most important field and of course the popular one for all the graduates who are seeking entry into the banking sectors though.

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After the selection, the officers will be in the training period conducted by the Institute of Banking Management that will make the officers more knowledgeable and hands-on with the banking industry and of course about their profile also. However, this will help the officers to focus more on with the profile and with the industry the way it actually works though.

Every selected PO will be trained in each and every department such as banking, customer service, billing, accounting, finance, investment, revenue or cash collection and other fields where the candidates have to be extremely prepared in the training period for sure.

SBI PO Salary

Well, you need to know that the salary of a PO right now is almost 50000 per month and there will be other perks too that are included in the salary every month. The salary actually depends and it does vary from scale to scale and that is how the salaries also vary for sure. The candidates or the officers are also eligible to receive the allowances which include house rent, dearness allowances, city compensatory allowances, travel allowances, and of course, there are other such allowances as well along with the salary though.

When it is about SBI salary and benefits, this particular government organization actually provides with loads of perks and benefits which is exactly including all your allowances and other such profits that you will gain in your profile or your designation probably. SBI PO salaries have always been the best and the preferable one as compared to other government organizations though.

SBI probationary officer is the most reputed post when it is about the banking sector and the industry though. The salary along with all the perks is extremely great for the fresh graduates and of course, this comprises of other allowances and perks as well. In fact, it is the best profile for a career progression though that needs no much struggle, just hard work, and sincerity towards work.

Annual Salary Package of SBI PO

Considering the official notification from the SBI for the designation of Probationary Officer, the salary for the officer would be approximately from 9 lakhs per annum to 14 lakhs per annum though. The SBI POBasic salary would be around Rs.50, 000 which would be the basic salary, and of course, this particular pay comes with major 4 increments too, that are made in advance though.

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When it is entirely about the dearness allowance, you will be able to get the revised quarter and this would be calculated solely on the Customer price index, which is also known as CPI. The current DA, which is the Dearness Allowance is nearly 46% of the basic pay provided to the SBI PO employees and the officers.

The city compensatory allowance is also provided to the Probationary officers of SBI, along with Dearness allowance, and the city compensatory allowance generally varies and are between 3% and 4% for sure, which is again of the basic pay that is being paid to the employee overall.

Well, the PO employees are again eligible for the lease allowance or the HRA, which is also known as House Rent Allowance. However, the allowance may differ as according to the house and its location. In short, it means that if it’s in the rural area then the allowance is around Rs. 8000 per month and whereas if it’s in the city side then the allowance is given up to Rs.29,500, especially in the metro cities of the country.

Along with DA, HRA, and CCA, the employees can also get an allowance for other benefits and perks such as furniture, travelling, medical and petrol of course. When it is about official travelling, then the reimbursement is given to the employee, however, for these reimbursements, there are a few terms and conditions that you have to follow through. 100% of medical cover is given to the SBI employees whereas 75% of the medical cover is given to the employee’s family members, only the blood relations.

Again, conveyance allowance is also given to the employees wherein petrol costs are paid to the employee every month, if the employee travels by own vehicle, or else if there is another mode of travelling then the employee will get conveyance allowance.

Other Benefits and Perks

Apart from all these mentioned perks and benefits, an SBI probationary officer also enjoys other perks that are paid to them every month, which includes, entertainment passes, tea, coffee and snacks, cleaning, labour, newspaper, and other extra needs for the employees, which is almost up to Rs. 4000/- paid to the employee every month.

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Working with SBI is always a win-win situation to every one of them, as loan facilities would be easier and simpler as compared to non-SBI employees. Why? Because, SBI employees can easily apply for house loans, vehicle loans, and personal loans, which makes them afford the loan facilities at cheaper rates though. Along with these, even leave and vacation concession is provided by the organization to its employees.

However, these are the overall and general information given about the SBI PO designations, these salaries and perks may differ and vary as according to the posting place and location of the employee or the candidate though.

SBI PO Duties and Responsibilities

As you already know that a PO would be in the training period for the first three months, which is that period of employment wherein the officer should be very sincere, attentive and responsible too. However, the probation period lasts for 2 years, as it can be extended with the behaviour and performance of the employee.

SBI PO responsibilities include almost everything from gaining the practical knowledge to every other aspect even should know how to handle customers without disappointing them. Of course, branch banking could be totally different from investment banking and operational banking from the back-end. Hence, the officer has to be very careful and should have knowledge of handling customers with their requests, it can even include the responsibilities of passbook printing, loan inquiries, supervision, clerical duties, account opening and a lot more.

As mentioned already, the officer will be given full training for handling the departments and soon you the candidates would become experienced and hands-on with these duties and responsibilities that are allotted to you.


SBI PO salaries have always been the best and the major benefit for the candidates to apply for the posts. Of course, joining this ocean-like organization of government sector of the country could actually be a great opportunity for aspiring career growth along with other long-term perks for the employee. Just go ahead with the application, as SBI may turn out to be a great career guide to you.