SBI Clerk is one of respectable job profile in India. To reach your ultimate goal one needs a lot of preparation and determination. There is a formula about cracking any competitive exam. If you are going through hell keep on going. That is it! Because during predations there will be so many such times when you will want to quit the exam but that is not an option. You must have to prepare yourself for every storm.

SBI is one of the largest public sector banks in India. That is why so many people are looking for some stable and secured job and SBI brings both to them. That is why it is not an easy task to crack this exam. Their PayScale is also one of a decent salary.

The exam held on two levels. At first, candidates have to appear for to prelims and then they have to give mains.


SBI Clerk salary 2019

Those who are from metro city their SBI clerk salary would be around 25, 000 bucks this salary includes so many allowances to the person. The allowance also depends on the city of posting.

The pay scale of SBI clerk salary is 11764- 655/3 – 13730- 815/ 316175- 980/4 – 20095- 1145/7- 28110- 2120/1 – 30230- 1210/1- 315450. So those who will be a Junior Associate at the bank they will get 11,765 with an annual increment of Rs 655.

And after 3 years the SBI clerk salary will be Rs 13, 730 bucks. They will get their annual increment of Rs.815.  And their salary would be 16,175 after the three years with the annual increment of Rs.980. Equally, when they will complete their 4 years they will get 20, 095. After 7 years this salary will increase up to 28,810. And after one more year, they will get 30,230 bucks. After 9 years they give 31,540 salaries and this is the maximum SBI clerk salary.

Other profits of SBI Clerk salary

There are so many other benefits of SBI Clerk

  • Good work environment
  • Financial security
  • Stability
  • Flexible working hours
  • Medical insurance
  • Pension under New Pension Scheme (NPS)
  • Provident Fund etc.

Allowances of SBI Clerk

Dearness Allowance – These allowances get revised in the months of February, May, August and November. It is based on the CPI (Consumer Price Index) as declared by the government of India.

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House Rent Allowance (HRA) – These allowances relies on the posting and city. Those who get posted in the cities like Delhi, Mumbai, they are provided with a better HRA in comparison to those who have posted in other cities. There are so many allowances such as furniture allowance, house maintenance allowance, books and magazine allowance, brief allowance and reimbursement of the Telephones Bills etc.

Profits of being an SBI clerk Junior Associate

  • There is a flexible work hour and working in shifts
  • No door- to door sales
  • Upward mobility
  • Travelling and changing challenges
  • Encash privilege leaves

SBI Clerk Promotions and Growth opportunities

SBI Clerk has so much developing opportunity which is better than clerks of any other government banks. With experience, they even reach to higher posts such as General Manager. So if you are looking for a start as your SBI bank then it is a good start.

SBI Clerk Job Profile

State bank of India gives the best of opportunities for promotion to the highest cadre of general manager of the bank. Those how are junior associates will have to give JAIIB and CAIIB examinations so that he can take one step ahead.

Things to know about this exam

Of you are going to appear for this exam you should know everything about the exam/. How the exam is going to take place? So this is a vast syllabus where your practice will take you very forward.  Every good thing takes time to happen. So you will have to maintain your patience because this exam is also going to take some time. So when it takes time people get frustrated with their preparations and life. But this is where they need to maintain consistency in their preparations.

SBI and IBPS both are clerical level exams. The difficulty level of both exams is almost the same. But you will have to decide on a perfect strategy for your exam. There are people who are just going on with their preparation, but this way will not take them anywhere. So if you want to take your preparations in the right direction you just need to follow these things very religiously. A strategy!

To understand the depths of any exam one needs to understand their capability and if they are truly interested in cracking the exam and that exam is beyond their capacity. They still can do it. There is so much power in words. If you truly and genuinely want something in your life you can do that by practising on regular life. When you will open up YouTube channel you will find there are thousands of people who have pushed their limit and they have attained something very big in their life.

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So it is definitely you who is going to decide. But to do this you need to tell yourself truth it can change your life a lot. You will have no choice rather than speaking truth to yourself. Because what students do they want something to crack but in heart, they know the truth. And when they cannot crack the exam they think they are not capable of. This is not the truth. If you have decided something for yourself and even that is beyond your capacity you can do it by telling truth.

You just need a firm focus that whatever may come you will not shake from your path. There will be times when you will have to pick up things out of fear. You will have founts on yourself because you are pushing your limits. That is where you are growing without knowing. So use your patience as a tool for yourself.

The best way to crack competitive exams is that divide them into parts. So this becomes very easy for you to cover up the whole syllabus. Because this is possible that when you see the whole syllabus it seems unattainable but then you have to decide how you are going to cover up, so strategy will take you every forward. On the other hand, every person has a weaker side or strong parts. But this becomes important to know both the sides otherwise you will not be able to work exactly.

These competitive exams are all about making us a human being true. These take some of the things which people will not tell you. People take life so seriously instead of their actions if they would start taking their actions seriously their half of battle is already won. They will genuinely start working on their weak areas and strong areas. These exams give you the chance of doing that. You believe or not during preparations of this competitive exam one really learn so many things whether it is about learning some topics or life. These days are golden days of anyone’s life. When you start pushing your limits you get to know your new limits or capacity. This is where you start building your confidence and skills. And these things after going to take anyone so forward in life, after deciding your aim in life now you should also start focusing on that.

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Avoid things

During the preparation of this exam, you will have so many things on your way. Whether you want or not you will have to avoid that. There are many people around us who do not really motivate us so there you will have to be your own motivator. Always speak the truth this is so necessary for cracking these exams.  Always avoid people’s nonsense talk. Otherwise, you will stick in there abrupt thoughts and nonsense, you have to fight a big battle you know but then people will try to throw lemon on your way.

You must have heard this every action has equally reaction this is the third law.  So if you would start paying attention to every one’s behaviour you will divert your way and lose your focus. Once you lose your focus you will never be going to crack your exam. But if you have truly serious about your goals then you must take care of the focus rather than distractions.

Final words

So when you know your syllabus, you know your exam paper you know everything about your exam. Whether you believe these things or not chances become when you put your words into action but if you are saying things and things you are going to lose everything. So start from today. Every detail is in your hand from PaySacle to job profile and examination. Now you only need to be determined towards your decision. Push your limits and you will meet wonders. Exams are all about making and bringing a new version of you.