What’s up guys! Hope you all are preparing well for upcoming exams. As you know, in most of the exams, Reasoning is also asked so here I have brought RS Agrawal Reasoning PDF for you guys. in Most of the Sarkari Exams, Reasoning is usually being asked. If students haven’t prepared it well, they usually gets failed in those exams. Most of the students stay confused among multiple reasoning books available in the market. Keep Reading our post, We are gonna tell you a book which will really help you.

In this post today, I am gonna provide you guys Reasoning PDF by RS Agrawal. The Book RS Agrawal Reasoning PDF is available in muliple ecom stores such as Amazon India and Flipkart in Both Formats (Paper and PDF as Well). But They charge a nominal fee for it, so most of the students can’t have. But on our site you can get PDF of this best reasoning book for free from this website.

Download RS Agrawal Reasoning PDF

The Book is written by Sir RS Agrawal which is most preferred book among many students. You can master the Reasoning by reading and excercising this book. Book helps you to prepare in a best way. Book is very essential for almost all type of exams in which it is asked. As you know Reasoning is logical subject, you have to think different everytime you solve a new question. Once you start reading this book, your all doubts will be clear. I am sure, you are gonna love it. You can download this book from below link (Google Drive link), ansave it on your phone.

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Quick Summery about book

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Inside RS Agrawal Reasoning PDF?

book contains important chapter from which questions are usually asked in competitve exams. You can easily understand concept of each type of question once you start reading and excercising the RS Agrawal Reasoning PDF. 

General Mental Ability

  • Analogy -समानता
  • Classification- वर्गीकरण
  • Series completion- श्रृंखला पूर्णता
  • Coding- decoding- कोडिंग- डिकोडिंग
  • Blood relation- खून का रिश्ता
  • Puzzle test- पहेली परीक्षण
  • Sequential output tracing- अनुक्रमिक आउटपुट ट्रेसिंग
  • Direction sense test- दिशा भावना परीक्षण
  • Logical Venn diagrams- तार्किक वेन आरेख
  • Alphabet test- वर्णमाला परीक्षण
  • Number,ranking and time sequence test- संख्या, रैंकिंग और समय अनुक्रम परीक्षण
  • Mathematical operation- गणितीय कार्य
  • Logical sequence of words- शब्दों का तार्किक अनुक्रम
  • Arithmetical reasoning- अंकगणितीय तर्क
  • Inserting the missing character- गायब चरित्र डालने
  • Data sufficiency- डेटा पर्याप्तता
  • Decision making- निर्णय लेना
  • Assertion and reason- दावा और कारण
  • Situation reaction test- स्थिति प्रतिक्रिया परीक्षण
  • Verification of truth of the statement- बयान की सच्चाई का सत्यापन

Logical Reasoning

  • Logic- तर्क
  • Statement-argument- वक्तव्य तर्क
  • Statement-assumption- वक्तव्य कल्पना
  • Statement conclusion- वक्तव्य निष्कर्ष
  • Driving conclusions from passages- मार्गों से ड्राइविंग निष्कर्ष
  • Theme detection-थीम पहचान
  • Question-statement- प्रश्न-स्टेटमेंट
  • Miscellaneous logical puzzles- विविध तार्किक पहेली

Non-Verbal Reasoning

  • Series- सीरीज
  • Analogy- समानता
  • Classification-
  • Analytical reasoning- विश्लेषणात्मक तर्क
  • Mirror images- दर्पण छवि
  • Water images- पानी की छवियां
  • Embedded figures- एम्बेडेड आंकड़े
  • Completion of incomplete pattern- अधूरा पैटर्न पूरा करना
  • Figure matrix- चित्रा मैट्रिक्स
  • Paper cutting- कागज काटना
  • Paper folding- कागज मोड़ना
  • Rule detection- नियम का पता लगाने
  • Grouping of identical figures- समान आंकड़ों का समूह बनाना
  • Cubes and dice- क्यूब्स और पासा
  • Dot situation- डॉट स्थिति
  • Construction of secures and triangles- सुरक्षित और त्रिकोण का निर्माण
  • Figure formation and analysis- चित्रा गठन और विश्लेषण
  • Practice question set- अभ्यास प्रश्न सेट
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(Review) R. S. Aggarwal Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning Book

This book has a lot of useful contents for the competitive exams and neatly covers all the topics required. I would really suggest to follow this book for who is an aspirant for the banking sector.

About Author (R.S. Agrwal)

Dr. R.S. Agrwal is author of this book and he has written many other books as well. He completed his graduation from Karorimal Collage Delhi. After Completing his M.Sc, he worked as lacturer in N.A.S collage, Meerut. He also did Ph.D when he was awared 3 years fellowship from the Delhi University. He has written many books including Reasoning from Nursery to I.A.S level.

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Ending Notes

Hope you guys would love this post for sure. You are getting the R.S. Agrawal Reasoning PDF for Free. Please share this post to your friends too so that they also can download this awesome reasoning book from our site