Rishi Valley School Chittoor Entrance 2021Rishi Valley School Chittoor Admission 2021: Sage Valley School was established in 1926 by J. Krishnamurthy did one of the valleys of Andhra Pradesh in Chittoor district. The aim of the school is to develop a love for nature among the students. Academic intelligence, together with high moral values, are the pillars of the institution. Since no religious or social barriers are entertained in this institution, there is a huge increase in the overall development of the child studying here.

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Sage Valley School Chittoor Admission 2021 Procedure:

The registration process begins for children who are seven years of age. There is no scope for early registration. Parents are advised to apply one year in advance to get admission for their children. The school accepts students in standard IV, VI and VII who are 8+, 1O + and 11+. Students are not given admission after class VII and the admission process starts from class IV as there are no classes before class IV in this school. Admission for classes V, VIII and IX is only on the basis of the student’s withdrawal from these classes. There is very limited space for the students of other schools to enroll in Senior Secondary i.e. Class XI as the students who have completed their 10th standard from this school already have a place. Only about twenty-five from other schools get the opportunity to study for plus two at this school. The school also offers some students from its sister institutions in Madras, Bangalore and Varanasi. Due to limited availability of seats for external students, new students are admitted only after following the proper selection process. Students who are willing to take admission in plus two courses in this institute will have to pass the interview session to be held in March after the board examination. All applications should arrive at the school office by 1 December. The selection committee will go through all the application forms and the shortlisted candidates will be asked to appear for the test after an interview. This process will take place in January and February. If a student is called for a test and interview, admission is not guaranteed. In either February or March, this selection process takes place. The written test is based on mathematics and English. Parents are required to accompany their candidates in an oral interview round. The test is mainly taken to judge the ability of the student, his ability to understand and so on. Students are not required to follow any specific course for this. After the admission process is over, successful candidates for admission will be announced, who are required to be present at the time of admission along with their guardian.

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Rishi Valley School Chittoor Fee Structure:

Rupees. 7,500 / – is the entry fee which will have to be paid after the declaration of admission dates. This fee is non-refundable in nature. School fees can be paid in two separate installments, first in April and second in November every year. The fee structure is as follows:

  • The fees for Indian citizens are Rs. 5,90,000 / -. For the students of classes XI and XII, Rs. 25,000 / – is charged as additional fee.
  • The fees for foreign students are US $ 15,000 (NRI low) and US $ 17,750 (NRI high). For eleventh and twelfth grade students, an additional fee of US $ 600 is charged.
  • An additional fee of Rs 1000 is to be paid by the students opting for computer science as an elective subject in class XI.
  • The annual fee can be paid in two different installments.
  • All students are required to carefully deposit money that will be returned after the student has completed his or her withdrawal from school. This amount is equal to the school’s annual fee.
  • Clothing, medicine, sports equipment etc. fees are collected from the student’s deposit account.
  • Rupees. 17,000 / – is taken as term deposit from new students.