Are you a graduate and thinking to sit for the UPSC IAS exam as most of the students prefer taking coaching but few like to self-study so, if you’re one of those students then, here  I have made the self-study plan on How to Start UPSC IAS Preparation without Coaching at home.

UPSC conducts Civil Service Examination to provide a job as a civil servant, bureaucrats that influence the decision making of the government significantly and every year tons of people apply and sit for the UPSC IAS exam. A candidate needs to choose the right and direction to crack the IAS exam whether you study at home or any coaching centre. You must have prepared a plan with a proper execution strategy then, your self-study becomes effective to clear UPSC IAS exam.

Now let’s go straight to the points!

IAS Exam Preaparation

Formulate Strategy

You need to look for the right study material, syllabus, and previous years question papers then analyze it. Watching the videos on YouTube is one the best thing one can do as there are tons of videos of coaching, guidance material.

According to the previous year question paper and syllabus, you can study matter selectively. You can also follow some of the websites for regular update and always remember that your focus should be on mains and prelims till 2-3 months.

Things To Do Before the Prelims Exam

One should get prepared the whole syllabus of mains, optional and prelims before 2-3 months and remaining for the prelims, but remember revision is a must. So, when only 3 months remains from prelims date, a candidate should pay attention to clearing the prelims so go through some online test that will be helpful.

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Solving and Practicing Previous Years Question Paper. As I told you before about the previous year question paper, it is a genuine source of information for both prelims and the mains exam, so keep practising question papers and sample papers as well. By solving the questions, you will come to know about the pattern and, it will improve your revision that will help to maximize scores which eventually matter. But it doesn’t mean you will pick up the questions papers of the last 10-20 years.

Choosing Optional

In the overall mark of the exam, the optional plays an important role, so a candidate should their favourite subject as optional.

A candidate must devote their time for optional with relevant sources of books.

A new pattern has reduced the number of optional subjects, so be careful while choosing the optional.

Make Short notes

A candidate cannot expect success in the main examination without intensive study and without preparing own notes and revising them regularly basis as short notes during UPSC preparation is very vital in the context of Civil service main examination. So start making short notes for a subject, NCERT, newspaper editorial and current affairs.

Change Gears To Mains Preparation

If you are sure that, you’ll get more than the excepted cut off marks for Prelims then, you can start to prepare for the real battle of the UPSC which is Mains.

  • First, make the timetable then prepare a plan so that you can cover the whole syllabus of the mains and focus to the entire subject like GS, Essay, optional and language papers.
  • Take the online test so that you can stick to the schedule plan and enhance quantity & quality by working on mistakes. So practice again and again!
  • You can also take a look at the answer sheets of toppers.
  • Mains Improvements and Interview Prep
  • A candidate should make time for both then analyze the mistakes and rectify them.
  • Read the newspaper and watch some news then prepare the topics in detail that will be helpful in the time of the interview.
  • After the main results are out then, dedicate your time to the interview or next year pre and mains.
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Dont’s in the UPSC Preparation

  • Do not waste your time in unnecessary information
  • Don’t waste your time in collecting books and study materials
  • Don’t blindly follow toppers

Final Verdict

Study smartly and choose specific books for study material and keep a focus on limiting resource then revise multiple times. I hope it will help!