Are you preparing for SSC JE mechanical exam, then this is a great way to start SSC JE Mechanical Syllabus. Hence GATExplore is classified SSC JE Syllabus for Mechanical with weightage in details (Paper 1 & 2).

This year the Staff Selection Commission is going to conduct an examination to recruit candidates for various posts. Therefore the phosphates appear in the examination which they should examine. SSC JE Mechanical Syllabus bottom.

If you have chosen the mechanical exam as your subject, you may notice that SSC JE Syllabus for Mechanical is so vast that it sometimes gets confusing as to where to start.

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SSC JE 2020-21 Mechanical Syllabus

SSC JE Mechanical Examination is going to be in 2 phases Paper-I and Paper-II. Paper I of the first stage will be an objective type examination while Paper II will be a traditional type of subjective examination.

SSC JE Paper 1 Syllabus for Mechanical

General Intelligence and Reasoning (Weight – 50 marks)

  • Simile
  • Similarities
  • Difference
  • Space view
  • problem solving
  • Analysis
  • Decision
  • To decide
  • Visual memory
  • discrimination
  • Overview
  • Concept of relationship
  • Arithmetic logic
  • Verbal and data classification
  • Arithmetic number series etc.

General Awareness (Weight – 50 Marks)

  • The objective of the questions will be to test the general awareness of the environment around the candidate / its application to the society.
  • The questions will be designed to test knowledge of current events and everyday observations in such cases and experience in their scientific aspect as might be expected from any educated person.
  • The test will also include questions related to India and its neighboring countries, especially related History, Culture, geography, economic scene, general politics and scientific research etc.

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SSC JE Paper 1 (Part-C) and Paper 2

Theory of machine and machine design (weight: 7-10 marks)

  • Simple machine concept
  • Four-time linkage and link motion
  • Flywheel and energy fluctuation
  • Power transmission by belt – V-belt and flat belt
  • Clutch – Plate and Conical Clutch
  • Gears-type of gear
  • Gear profile and gear ratio calculation
  • Governor – Principles and Classification
  • United joint
  • Cam, bearings
  • Friction in collars and pivots

Engineering mechanics and material strength (weight: 12-15 marks)

  • Balance of forces
  • Law of motion
  • Collision
  • Stress and stretch concept
  • Elastic limit and elastic constant
  • Bending moment and shear force diagram
  • Tension in composite bars
  • Torsion of circular shaft
  • Buckling of columns – Euler and Rankin’s theory
  • Thin walled pressure vessel

Thermal Engineering (Weightage: 20-25 Marks)

Properties of pure substances

  • P-v & P-T Pure substances like H2O
  • Introduction to the steam table in relation to the steam production process
  • Definition of saturation
  • Wet and superhit status
  • Definition of dryness fraction of steam
  • Superheat degree of steam
  • H-S Chart of Steam (Mollier’s Chart)

1 laws of thermodynamics

  • Definition of stored energy and internal energy
  • 1 law of thermodynamics of cyclic process
  • Non flow energy equation
  • Definition of flow energy and enthalpy
  • Conditions for steady state steady flow
  • Steady state steady flow energy equation

Second law of thermodynamics

  • Sync Definition
  • Source heat reserves
  • heat engine
  • Heat pump and fridge
  • Heat capacity of heat engines and coefficient of performance of refrigerators
  • Calvin – Planck and Clausious Statements of 2 Laws of Thermodynamics
  • Absolute or thermodynamic scale of temperature
  • Clausius Integral
  • Entropy
  • Entropy change calculation of ideal gas processes
  • Carnot Cycles and Carnot Efficiency
  • PMM-2; Definition and Impossibility

Air standard cycle for IC engines

  • Otto cycle; Plot on P-V, T-S plan;
  • Thermal efficiency, diesel cycle
  • Plot on P-V, T-S planes
  • thermal efficiency
  • IC engine performance
  • Combustion
  • IC Engine Coolant and Lubrication

Rankine cycle of steam (weight: 20-25 traces)

  • Simple Rankin cycle plot on P-V, T-S, H-S planes
  • Rankin cycle efficiency with and without pump work
  • Boiler; Classification; Specialty
  • Fittings & Accessories
  • Fire tube and water tube boiler
  • Air compressors and their cycles
  • Refrigeration cycle; Principle of a refrigeration plant
  • Nozzle, Steam Turbine

Properties and Classification of Fluids (Weight: 28-32 digits)

  • Ideal and real fluids
  • Newton’s law of viscosity
  • Newtonian and non-Newtonian fluids
  • Compressed and incompatible liquids

Fluid statics: pressure at a point

Fluid pressure measurement

  • Pressure gauge
  • You tube
  • Bent tube

Liquefied kinematics

  • easy
  • Laminar and turbulent flow
  • External and internal flow
  • continuity equation

Ideal fluid dynamics

  • Bernoulli’s equation
  • total head
  • Velocity head
  • pressure head
  • Application of Bernoulli’s equation

Flow rate measurement fundamentals

  • Venturimeter
  • pitot tube
  • Orifice meter

Hydraulic turbine

  • Classification
  • The principles

centrifugal pumps

  • Classification
  • The principles
  • Display

Production Engineering (Weightage: 12-15 Marks)

Classification of Steels

  • Mild steel and alloy steel
  • Steel heat treatment


  • arc welding
  • Gas welding
  • resistance welding
  • Special welding techniques ie TIG, MIG, etc. (brazing and soldering)
  • Welding Defects and Testing
  • NDT

Casting and casting

  • Ways
  • Defects
  • Various casting processes
  • Blacksmith
  • Take out, etc.,
  • Metal cutting principle
  • Cutting tools
  • (I) Lathe (ii) Milling (iii) Drilling (iv) Shaping (v) Basic principles of machining with grinding
  • The machines
  • Equipment and Manufacturing Process

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