In most of the Sarkari Exams, One word Substitutions are asked. So skipping this part may be a biggest mistake. As usual we come up with always Best PDF files for exam Preparation. So in this post we are back again with another and very helpful pdf file called One word Substitution PDF 2019. You can download it from the link below.

This pdf can help you in scoring more marks in any exam like SSC, Bank, Railway and UPSC exams as well.

Before you download the PDF file, first look these one words substitutions, it may help you in upcoming exams.

One Word Substitution List


PhraseOne Word
Place where animals are killed for foodAbattoir
A man who is the head of a monastery or an abbey Abbot
A shortened form of a word or phraseAbbreviation
Voluntarily renouncement the throne by a king or To formally give up Abdication
Ritual washing of the bodyAblution
 A vowel change that accompanies a change in grammatical functionsAblaut
Original Inhabitants of a countryAborigines
Hard to understandAbstruse
A quantity that is more than enoughAbundance
Give more force or importance toAccentuate
To habituate oneself in new cultureAcclimatize
Which can be approachedAccessible 
Pretended refusal of something desiredAcismus
Helper in a wrong deed or crimeAccomplice
A variety of language that is closest to a standard main languageAcrolect
Word formed from initial letters of a name Acronym
Thing to be added at the end of a book, etc Addendum
A public notice offering or asking for goods, services, etcAdvertisement
Items of business for consideration at a meeting Agenda 
the act of forestation by planting many treesAfforestation
Doubtful about the existence about God.Agnosticism
One who commits the first act of attack, offence and hostilityAggressor
Story in which ideas are symbolized as peopleAllegpry
One who lives in a country without citizenshipAlien
Commencement of adjacent words with the same letter.Alliteration
 Allowance fixed after divorce to a wifeAlimony
The expression of spoken sounds by an alphabetAlphabetism
 lover of One’s own selfAltruist
One who does a thing for pleasure but not a professionAmateur
A diplomatic representative of one country in anotherAmbassador
One who can use either hand with ease in working or writing.Ambidextrous
That can be interpreted in any wayAmbiguous
Partial or total loss memoryAmnesia
A general pardon of political offenders. Amnesty 
Animal which live both in sea of on land Amphibian
 A designated section of seats in any part of a theater.Amphitheater
 One who wishes to  all established government, laws and orderAnarchist 
Short amusing story about some real person or eventAnecdote
A book or a work of art whose author is not knownAnonymous
A person who opposes anotherAntagonist
A medicine to save the effect of poisonAntidote
State of being UnmarriedBachelorhood
One who can not pay the debtBankrupt
A Part  of seaBay
A stretch of sand  /  stones along the edge of the seaBeach
A person who is fond of fightingBellicose
Nation engaged in warBelligerents
One who gives financial help to a schoolBenefactor
One who loves to collect booksBibliophile
Happening every second every yearBiennial
Happening every second every yearBiennial
Have two  husband or two wifes at a timeBigamy 
 One who is filled with narrow and prejudiced opinionBigot
One who can speak two languageBilingua
To surround a place with the intention of capturing itBesiege
Life History of a person written by someone elseBiography
Study of living organismsBiology
Animal having two feetBiped
Speaking disrespectfully about sacred or religious thingsBlasphemy
A series of cabre dance/ acts at a night clubCabaret
A person who is bad in spellingCacography
 Persuade by flatteryCajole
The art of beautiful handwriting, elegant penmanshipCalligraphy
One who eats human fleshCannibal
An unclaimed letterDead Letter
 Political leader who deliver sentimental speechesDemagogue
A government by the people, of the people and for the peopleDemocracy
 A person, an animal or a plant that lives, grows or is often found in a particular placeDenizen
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Download One Word Substitution PDF 2019

I have given few number of one word substitution. If you need more, You can download the PDF from the link below, in which you can get more than 500 words.

Soon we will post more one word substitutions here, you can bookmark this post for future updates. Download One Word Substitution PDF 2019 from below button.

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This PDF contains 600+ one word substitution words. Go and download now for offline use and start preparing for your next exam.

Wrapping up

Hope you liked the above post. Soon I will add more words and new PDF file containing more words in it. Till then share this PDF  to others too, so that they can also prepare for their upcoming exam.