Those who want to have a good job, a different reputation and the job where he can prove his metal, here can be no better option than joining the NDA which can open the gate for an aspirant to have an amazing career in defence services. In different sectors of defence, the government needs fresh and young talent, and hence the department invites applications from aspirants from different corners of the country. However, before going to join this, one needs to clear the test taken for the admission, and it is one of the tests that need huge and well-planned preparation.

NDA Preparation Book


The test:

It is the test that checks the talent of aspirant with the help of various questions from different fields. The test covers a huge area of subjects, but there are only two papers that one needs to clear to get to the next round of the test, which is a personal interview. The test has 120 and 150 questions for the subjects mathematics and general ability. The maths here has questions that need deep and thorough understandings of various formulas as well as equations.

In the subject of general ability, one can find the questions from subjects such as Geography, Physics, Chemistry, General Knowledge, current affairs, History and many more. Hence to clear both of these papers, it is necessary for the aspirant to prepare well. The books which are in PDF form can be downloaded from some of the known sources available on the platform of Internet and get to know the questions which are likely to be asked as well as type and way the questions can be twisted. To prepare well for this test one can go for NDA book PDF download for the exam that will be held in coming days.

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How can these books help?

In these books, one can get complete information on the test as well as syllabus. Hence one can have a clear idea of what he needs to prepare and how can he go for the same. The books also have papers that can help one know how the questions are asked. The sections, marks for each section, the number of questions asked, duration to complete the test, and all relevant information one can find in the book. Though the market has ample material available on this subject, such a book can guide one in the right direction to have the best of the score secured and achieve the dream to have enrolment in NDA.

Here one needs to note that the paper of mathematics is not that easy to solve in this test. Hence the aspirants are asked to go through the books of various standards and remember the formulas. The books of class 10 and 12 are of much importance, and hence it is required to go through them repeatedly as far as the subject of mathematics is concerned. Doubtlessly other subjects are also of equal importance, and hence, one needs to plan the learning of subjects with making of a specific schedule before the test.