Mahabhulekh 7/12 (Satbara Utara) By Maharashtra 2019

Today’s post is for Maharashtra People. Maharashtra Land records department established  an online portal called MahaBhulekh (Maharashtra Bhumi Abhilekh). Visit their official website where you can grab more information about it.

Well, We are also going to give you information about this plan. What is Maharashtra Bhumi Abhilekh and how to check land information. Keep reading this article below for more information.

What is Mahabhulekh 7/12 Utara?

It is an online govt. portal where information of 7/12 utara, 8A and property card is provided to Maharashtra People. If you belong to Maharashtra and want to buy land, then It could very helpful portal for you. You can easily get Computerized Land records, Mahabhulekh Data, Land Record Data and land owner’s information.

This is the only portal where you can grab Land record information, their owners. If you are gonna buy land in the Maharashtra then This portal will help you. All you need to have few things before proceeding. Follow the article, We will provide you each information about Maharashtra Land Record. 

Satbara Online Registration 2019

Before proceeding the process of download 7/12 Satbara, You have to do register yourself on their official website.

  • First  click on the Badge Digitally Signed 7/12 (Check the Screenshot Below)


  • Now on the second page you have to register with correct details.( Check the Screenshot Below). If you have already registered then directly fill your username and password or click on New user Regitration

satbara registration


new user registration mahabhulekh

  • Fill your address as well

maharashtra land record

  • Now Choose unique username and password and Select and answer the security Questions(Check the Screenshot Below)

satbara login

Now submit your details and you are done. Once it gets complete get back to Login page again to download Mahabhulekh Satbara 7/12 Online.

Download Mahabhulekh 7/12 Utara information Online

Here, we have simplified the process to check Mahabhulekh satbara Online Land records and verification process.

Maharashtra Bhumi Abhilekh Govt Portal has all the digital format of land records. Follow the below instructions to check the Maharashtra Bhumi Abhilekh 7/12 online.-

1-First of all visit their official website or click here.

2-You will see the homepage as the picture below. Click on the Badge as shown in the picture below.


On next page, fill your username and password (Which you selected during registration process).

3-There are 6 Areas given. You can choose of of your desired one. You can get any land information that falls under these 6 Sections. Below are sections—

  • Amravati
  • Aurangabad
  • Konkan
  • Nagpur
  • Nashik
  • Pune

4-on the next, You have to choose one between 7/12 and 8A property sheet. and again in next, you have to choose district, Tahsil, Village and other information.

download satbara land record

download land record

5-Make sure you are filling correct details. On final Step, Now Click on the download button.

6-You can print it out later.

7-So that was the way to download 7/12 Satbara 2019.

Video to Download Mahabhulekh 7/12 Satbara online

Ending Note

I have simplified things to get you understand with ease. Screenshots are also attached so that you can understand without hassle. If you haven’t got how to download Maharashtra Land record, You can watch the above Tutorial.

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