In this blog, we are going to discuss how an aspirant may join Indian air force academy. So, when many people had inception about Air Force Academy (AFA), it built a formidable reputation like the best training institution of Indian Air Force. It is situated around 43 km from Hyderabad, Telangana.

Air Force Academy provides training for various responsibilities like technical, flying as well as branches for ground duty and flying training to the different army and navy officers. It prepares people for both mind and spirit. People also get prepared for the post of Air force officer. It also develops various required skills in the people who take the training. People are provided with the training of service code of conduct and basic etiquettes which are expected from air force officers.

So, the curriculum of academics has various techniques. It also includes multiple projects, book reviews, guest lectures, debates, public speaking, on the job training, presentations, case studies, drills, swimming and training on the weapon, fieldcraft mining, cultural activities along with yoga. It helps the aspirants to enhance the base of knowledge and ensures the overall development of trainee as gentleman air officer.

What are the ways by which an individual may join the Air Force Academy?

By giving NDA

Aspirants who have passed their 12th standard are eligible for joining AFA through an NDA exam. People need to spend around three years at NDA in the place called Khadakwasla. Sometimes people are shifted to AFA for the training of Stage 1 flying. People through NDA are only able to join the flying branch of AFA if the person has opted for IAF.

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The EXAM of NCC SE (for men only):

Aspirants who hold a certificate of Division ‘C’ as an air wing senior in the national cadet corps are eligible to apply for flying branch in the India Air Force. It is only applicable for men who can get training in the flying branch via various modes of entry and candidates will be given a permanent commission.

Through CDSE:

Male candidates who have graduation degree may apply for the flying branch via an exam of CDSE which held twice in a year by UPSC.

People are also eligible to apply via AFCAT exam held for both men and women who would like to join flying (SSC), technical courses or ground duties course. It is the exam which is taken twice in a year. (In the month of Feb as well as August.)

Meteorology branch

If one is a branch office in meteorology, he can involve in the handling of satellite imagery with the help of the latest equipment for monitoring. He would offer to the point advice to all the operators available in all the fields of the weather. One with a post-graduation degree may join this post.

Here are some details of training at AFA:

  • If you have opted for flying branch, you would be provided training of different stages like 1, 2 and 3. Hence with every step, you will gradually move from fundamental to complex levels in the aviation.
  • It also provides training to the aspirants who want to go for Control Officers for Air Traffic. It is conducted by an Air traffic officers Training establishment, also known as ATCOTE. It is the training specially structured as well as designed based on an organization called the International Civil Aviation Organization, also known as ICAO procedures.
  • AFA also provides various training on Air traffic Control officers, ground duty officers, joint Service training officers. Numerous technical branch trainees are given training on Aeronautical Engineering branches.
  • We hope you will find some information regarding the Air force academy.
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