An interview is something that makes any aspirant much worried. He may go through a number of questions to prepare for the test as usually, no one knows what may be asked. If you are the candidate who is waiting for an SBI clerk Interview, you should prepare thoroughly since it is the job which is of high demand and also with a great reputation in society. A candidate would be facing tough competition in the Interview. You should be the kind of person who can understand the situation. This is the write up which would focus to make the candidate well enough prepared and improve the chances of your selection for the job.

SBI Job Interview Questions

How should one prepare for the SBI clerk Interview?

Most of the interview questions for the SBI clerk position are pretty straight forward and basic. However, a person would require a thorough preparation, which is very much required. A candidate should keep in mind that the preparation regime should be based on the current affairs, their curriculum vitae or CV, the latest financial and banking developments and banking terms.

A person knows that learning about the State Bank of India is much essential. Sometimes people may be asked questions like “what do you know about the organization?”. It is a very common question, and most of the interviewers always look for the best answer for these types of questions.

Here are some of the SBI clerk interview questions

  • You may be asked about your background.
  • Some of the work experiences which make you eligible for this job.
  • A person may be asked about educational qualifications.
  • A person may be asked about professional qualifications.
  • The interviewer may ask why you are interested in pursuing a career in the banking sector.
  • The interviewer may ask about the positives and negatives.
  • Questions may be based on what responsibilities you would expect.
  • It may be based on why you are interested in working with SBI.
  • Is anyone of your acquaintance presently working with SBI?
  • How would this position enhance your career?
  • What were the responsibilities in the last job?
  • How long would you work in SBI in case you are selected?
  • How did you get to know about SBI and what you know about SBI?
  • From where did you learn about the vacancy for job and interview?
  • How would you define a successful career?
  • Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?
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Some tips need to be followed while preparing for the SBI clerk Interview

  • If you have prepared for the questions and answers, you should focus on learning about interview etiquette. It is a very important part of an interview. If a person has the wrong attitude or wrong behaviour, it will narrow down the chances of getting the job. Hence here you would find some tips which one should follow for the SBI clerk Interview.
  • You should greet the interviewers since it would put the first impression and as we know that the first impression is the last so you should be careful about this. It begins right from the entrance. A sweet and courteous good morning or good afternoon is a good way to begin.
  • Another most important aspect is the Dress code; a person must wear well-ironed formal clothes. A set of properly ironed formal clothes would be great. Right clothes on the right day benefit a lot. So a person must take care.
  • A person should keep eye contact while answering the interviewers and you should never forget to maintain eye contact with them. This is where your confidence level is checked. A person should avoid looking at random places in the room.
  • A person should give proper, short and point to point answer. You mustn’t waste the time of the interviewer by making answers long. You need to keep the interviewer’s interest in your answers.
  • Lastly, it is very important that you are punctual and calm while appearing in the interview. It seems a small thing, but it may affect your interview. You should make sure that you are at the interview venue beforehand.
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