Institute of banking personnel selection is an exam for the candidates with the opportunity of jobs in the public sector in India. If you have ever been a student of IBPS you must have wondered everything IBPS. How tough is the exam and how much IBPS SO salary is? To answer your entire question this post is going to help you. The IBPS is one of the respective jobs in our country and it even offers an ample amount of money. For the post of IBPS lakhs of people appear and only some get the selection. That is why this exam also keeps so much importance. So from exam to salary of IBPS officer is indeed a decent job to experience and to enjoy.


Exam criteria for IBPS  officers

SO if you are looking for an exam which can take you in the public sector. Then here is the IPBS exam which is mandatory for getting into it. This exam holds on the national level. So before you fill up this form there are some basic needs which you must know. This is mandatory that degree of bachelors is must here. They must be good with computer and internet studies. On the other hand, they must keep the certificate for proving the legitimacy of the same. But if there is such plan that you have to appear for some special ranks then a post-graduate degree, certificate course or council membership is required. These specializations include Law, management and accounting. IT etc.

Educational qualification – all candidates can go for those who are B.A, b.Com, BSc, B. Tech, but your degree should be from an authorized university, otherwise, your form will not be accepted.

Computer literacy – so yes IBPS takes this section seriously. They do not take it for granted. So you should also not try to take it for granted.

Language proficiency – there should be both proficiency verbal and written in the official language of the state. The candidate must be good with both writing and reading of the langue.

Age limit –  20 to 30 years.

Some basic information about its exam pattern

When you are going to appear at the examination then three stages will come on your path. Preliminary examinations will be held at first, then it will be followed by mains examination which would end with an interview! When you clarify with all of these things you will be able to call yourself an IBPS officer. So marks and cut off matters a lot here. Only then you will receive cal for the interview.

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Some points which you better keep in your mind

  1. There will be negative marks for the objective questions. One-fourth marks will be deducted from your marks. So this is so necessary that students should take every answer so seriously and no guessing will work there.
  2. So it will be better leaving the unknown questions than guessing them and ending up with disappointment. Because even if you do not attempt unknown questions to you. There will be no deduction from your numbers.
  3. Last thing when you are about to upload your signature and photos. You must be careful otherwise there will be no use of uploading that.

Exams under IBPS

  1. IBPS PO – those who are appearing for the IBPS PO they will have to face two stages preliminary and mains. Afterwards, they will be called for an interview if they get a pass in both of the exams. Graduates can easily apply for the post of IBPS examination.
  2. IBPS SO – The exam of IBPS is for the specialist officer. Scale 1 SO offer grade management service at the junior level such as PGDBM, MBA, PG, CFA etc. here work experience matters a lot.
  3. IBPS RRB – Group A personnel of the scale 1, 2, and 3 and group Personnel are recruited via this exam. Here as well as important degrees and experience is needed for the exam.
  4. IBPS Clerk –  If you are appearing for the IBPS clerk exam then you will have to appear at the two examination preliminary and mains. There will be no interviews.

The salary of IBPS officers

When candidates fill-up the form they get selected for the scale 1 and scale 2 posts. Then they have to undergo fir training. Workshops plus the assessments for improving skills and be eligible for promotions.

IBPS So salary 2019 – scale level of post

So this is so obvious that every post decides your salary. This is the same case with IBPS. So here they have two scales. Scale 1 and scale 2. Scale 1 is the post for juniors and scale 2 is the post for senior.

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Name of posts                     Scale level

  • IT Officer                             Scale 1
  • IT Officer                             Scale 2
  • HR/ Personnel Officer      Scale 1
  • Law officer                          Scale 2
  • Chartered accountant       Scale 2
  • Rajbhasha Adhikari          Scale 2

Basic list of the IBPS SO salary 2019

Post                                            Basic pay

Officer scale 1               23700- 980- 30560-1145 (2)- 32850- 1310 (7)- 42020

Officer scale 2               31705 – 1145 (1)- 32850- 1310 (10) – 45950

Officer scale 3               42020- 1310 (5) – 48570- 1460 (2)- 51490

The age here also matters and for every level there is age. If you are under the age 30 then scale 1 will be given to you. But if you are more than 35 years then scale 2 will be your post. There is one more requirement is for the scale 2 officers. They need experience of at least 2 years. But those who have been C.A candidates they will not need to have any experience even if they are going to appear for scale 2. But scale 1 officers will need to give their degree from a recognized university.

The profile of IBPS SO LAY OFFICER

As everyone must be aware law officers are recruited for the legal department of the bank. They are for handling every legal issue. The work of officers is to prepare legal documents and verification. IBPS SO officer and IBOS SO law officer both share the same salary.


The marketing officer has to manage many words of marketing and promotional activities. The marketing officer is even responsible for conceptualising and designing advertisements. They have to promote the messages to the bank to the masses. The work of market officers is not so easy. Because they have to handle everything which is happening outside as creating marketing strategies and business plans for boosting scales sales or profit. On the other hand a basic salary, a marketing officer would also get other allowances and perks.

IBPS SO Rajbhasha Adhikari; Salary and Job profile

IBPS SO Rajbhasha Adhikari is a translator and proofread. Their work is to do very essential documents. They also help in conducting various languages related workshops for imparting training to bank personnel. Here also the IBPS SO Rajbhasha Adhikari and IBPS SO Officer both have an equal salary.

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IBPS SO IT officers

Every post in the sector of IBOS keeps its won importance. That is why their salary and post both are different. But respect for them is very much. IBPS IT officers are very much responsible for managing and making a balance among the entire IT team and offer them complete support. So if we find support and procedural documentation. Meanwhile busy schedule they have to manage both their data as well as shift duty system. They do all these things managing the user’s new account, profiles and every small detail related to that.

The work of the IBPS officer is even to look after banks network security and anti-virus updates and they have to even manage the conducting safety checks on system need, bank network security, anti-virus and anti-fraud management etc. so if someday if you have any issues in your ATM card, Kisosk or mobile banking then do not forget to this IBPS IT officers.

Basic pay               annual increment     number of years

14, 500                      600                                 7

18,700                       700                                 2

20,100                       800                                 7

25,700                       800                                 7

Now this question comes in the mind of IBPS BANK PO after 5 years. If you belong to the scale 1 officer then according to that time your current salary should be 47, 587.81 and your increment to that salary will be around 980 bucks on year basis.

Keep yourself update with the notification

So here you will have to keep yourself updated with every notification which IBPS is releasing. When their exam form is getting out when it is going to happen. IBPS post is one of the respective posts. Although, you might be expecting really high salary in the post! But with time and experience, you will get increment. Before that, you need to work honestly. But for stating this amount is decent but stopping at one place will be a not decent decision. So you must be not stagnant. When you have understood everything about IBPS SO now you will have clear thoughts about it.