Virtual calculator for GATE 2021: The GATE 2021 exam will be conducted by IIT Bombay. GATE 2021 exam dates will be set from 5th, 6th, 7th, 12th, 13th, And 14th February 2021. This GATE exam will be conducted in multiple sessions for a total of 8 sessions. GATE 2021 exam admit card will be available from 8th January 2021.

As you know, no physical calculator is allowed for the GATE exam, as a virtual calculator is available within the GATE online interface. Therefore you should know how to use the virtual calculator provided in the exam as well as you should have a good practice before the exam.

As we all know that a traditional calculator is not much permissible in GATE exam, so it makes no sense to use that calculator during preparation, solve questions and give test series.

Virtual calculator for gate

So should use and practice this app [Click here for downloading] There is a complete copy of the virtual calculator you are going to deal with during the online exam of GATE 2021.

Features of Get Virtual Calculator App:

1. Accurate UI as official calculator

2. Tutorials:
– Basic algorithm function
– trigonometric functional
– Logarithmic function
– memory function
– Tips and Instructions

3. Offline [ No internet connectivity required ]

For Android, users follow the link below to download the app

To use the virtual calculator for desktop users follow the link below

Desktop users can use the virtual calculator offline using the link below, follow the steps below:

Steps to use virtual calculator offline

1) First download the zip file Click here

2) In your PC, extract the file.

3) To use the virtual calculator offline, open the calculator folder by clicking on the Calculator.html file.

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