The competitive exam is a big commitment not just with our career but the entire dream we have seen for ourselves. Students do almost everything for their preparation, they study a lot, they work hard but then what is that one thing which pulls them back away? It is of curse previous year papers. As this is in general for everyone, even if you are preparing for cat exam or preparing for any other exams! Practising previous year questions should be the first priority after getting done with your preparations. These exams are a race if you take one step wrong you might have to wait for a long time.

Download CAT Previous Year Papers

If you are a student of cat then when you will be done with preparing your syllabus now you should shift your focus to the previous year papers. There are websites you can visit those websites and download your previous year papers from there. Even if anyone gets stuck in midway they can watch videos as well as. All the detailed video of each solution is available. Without solving them you cannot clear your concept or topics. It becomes necessary to practise what we have read or studied otherwise it is useless. People practise from years and years to make things perfect. Although cat exam is not that much tough if it is planned in a right way.

Importance of Previous Year Papers

Whether you have realised or not but if your answer is no then you must start preparing for your exam very soon. When we endeavour to solve those questions from previous year papers at first it let us know about the types of questions! Second, you even get to test your preparation. There will be some answers in which your confidence was not being 100 per cent. This is how you get to know which concept is still there to be kept for practising more and more. Which topic should be kept for revision only? So the importance of these previous year question paper is paramount.

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Previous Year Paper – A Key to the Exam

Previous year paper has equal importance of comparing it with completing the syllabus. As the train continues its journey until the final destination. Similarly, as soon as you finish your syllabus you need to have multiple revisions. After that whether you have cleared that particular topic or not you must realise with practising that along with previous year questions. This is one nice way to checking your preparation.

If you ever get confused about any topic you must ask some random questions from your previous papers it will help you in telling. Which topics you have completed well! Many students undermine the power of practising previous year papers. They work literally very much and there is nothing like which can stop them then if they are ignoring these previous year question papers then they have skipped 25 per cent of their preparation. So you cannot skip any step. You need to practise as much as you can.