So here in this blog, we discuss some of the best books used for UGC net History exam. You may check out the UGC Net New syllabus for History on the official website. UGC NET is the exam conducted by the National Testing Agency also known as NTA on behalf of UGC for the notion of determining people’s eligibility for Indian Nationals for the position for Assistant professor only or Junior research fellowship along with the ability of Assistant professors in Indian Universities and various colleges. History exam will have two sections with objective questions.

Some of the best books for UGC NET History:

 1. UG Net History by Sujata Ghosh

It is the book which is used to prepare for UGC net History Exam. we all know that every great teacher is the first one to be a great learner with the ability to integrate and synthesize the Knowledge. The National Education Testing Bureau of UGC or University grants commission conducts an exam called NET or National Eligibility test that would help to determine minimum eligibility standards for the lectureship and position of junior research Fellowship. If we talk specifically about this book, it has got around 5500 chapter wise objective questions which are based on latest exam patterns and various trends. It is the book which facilitates systematic learning. Some essential facts and information are presented in the boxes. Also, this book contains a ladder to success in preparation for UGC NET/SET with previous year questions and various model exams.

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2. Ancient India by R.S. Sharma

It was first published in 2005 by Oxford University Press in India. It is a comprehensive book which captures the historical strides from various times like neolithic and chalcolithic times and many more topics like Harappan civilization, a rise of Mauryas, Gupta’s, Vedic times and satvahanas from the times of the Harshavardhana. This book will take readers on the journey via time. You will find various other books, but this book is very much informative and narrative. Also, it compels readers to read. Students who are interested to know about the past of India and want to learn about Indian empires, varied cultures and dynasties.

3. Indian History By Krishna Reddy

It is the book published by McGraw Hill education company, and they are proud to give the second edition of this book called Indian History. It is authored by Krishna reddy who provides a comprehensive approach to various aspects and subjects. This book is unique for people who are preparing for Civil Services Preliminary and Mains Examination along with the State Civil Services Examinations and many more exams. In this edition, you would find a very elaborated new chapter on “culture” in the ancient section and puts particular emphasis on Socio-religious and culture developments along with various concepts via this book on Indian History.

4. UGC NET/SET Paper 1 by McGraw Hill Education

It is another book published by the Mcgraw Hills which contains a comprehensive text along with the detailed coverage of various topics included in the UGC NET/SET Paper I examinations. Basically, all these examinations are conducted by UGC or university grants commission. It holds an exam to check the eligibility of candidates in the various prospective academic role at various government aided and government colleges. So this book is specially prepared by the experts who have made books on several topics like, Research aptitude, Communication, Information technology, geography, Numerical Aptitude and many more.

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5. Modern Indian History by Tarique Mohammed

It is the book which is made on the prescribed syllabi for the UPSC examination; it is the book which fulfils the need of the aspirants of both UPSC and state civil service examination. You will find complete details and definite account of events along with movements which led to the formation of India at the time of Independence. It puts more emphasis on providing a piece of precise information needed for UPSC and various other civil service examinations.

The experts especially recommend all these books for the examination. You will find these books well written and followed by various aspirants. If you read books, it would help you in the study of UGC NET History section. Hence all these books have importance.