With changing time, education of the 21st century is also changing rapidly and educators around the world are adapting. In an age where the attention span of children is less and the rapid growth of increasing usage of gadgets, teachers are finding it difficult to keep engaging the kids in studies. Teachers are finding ways to help students learn better and keep them interested in studies.

‘Math’ is a difficult subject for a lot of people. It has undeservedly garnered a bad name for being a difficult subject. It’s totally understandable. There are tons of different types of math, including the basics like arithmetic along with more complicated mathematics like calculus. Hence, teachers are using modern-day apps to break the myth of a difficult subject and help the students acquire the required mathematical skills easily while having fun with numbers.

Maths Apps for students

Best Maths Apps for Students

Here are the best math apps which can help the students to enjoy and learn Math easily.


Photomath app is the best app for Math. It is a very decent app with camera functions. If you take a photo of the problem on the paper, it provides step by step instruction on solving the problem. It will also instruct on various math needed to solve the problem. Photomath can solve from basic arithmetic to trigonometry to linear and quadratic equations. The app also supports graphs. It is an excellent study aid to middle and high school especially with explanations on how to solve the problem. It is available in android and iOS.

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Khan Academy:

It is more of traditional math apps. There are other subjects available on this platform, where you can review and re-learn in a course like an environment. This app has over 10,000 videos, 40,000 questions and tons of different types of math. In math, it includes stats, trigonometry, calculus, basic algebra, pre-algebra, arithmetic and many more. All this is completely free to use forever and also you can take and retake as many courses as you want to learn either new things or as a refresher for things which you used to know.


It is primarily a web-based app, which offers over 3000 problems that are aligned with the common core state standards. Teachers prefer this app as it is accessible on any device and offers a variety of inputs styles. This allows students to try again and again, however with detailed reporting tools(paid version).


It is one of the newer apps and it works a lot like Photomath.  You can take pictures of your homework and help you solve the problem. The results are shown with explanation, a step by step process to solve the problem. Technically it covers a variety of subjects, it also includes video examples in some cases wherever necessary. It is completely free with no app purchase.

Elephant learning:

It provides a choice of 21 interactive math games that are based on theme and title. The graphics and visual prompts in this application are beautifully made and presented and help the learner become more involved in Math while having fun. It is basically for the basic foundation math for kids to understand and love math.

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Brainly is a social networking app. It lets people to ask questions from homework assignments, and other members answer the questions with the explanation on how to solve the problem. It also works for more than just math. Supported subjects levels include elementary school through some college.  It depends on what people know on the network known. It is a free app.


It is a scientific calculator. This works for grade school and collegiate level mathematics. It has paid version also. However, the free version features 10 digits along with 3 exponential digits. The paid version increases that to 100 regular digits and nine exponential digits. Other features include conversion among 200 units, support for fractions, and tons of other stuff.

Brainscape Flashcards:

It runs on both iOS and Android-based platforms, this app is unique as it gathers inputs from the student and then creates a study plan tailored for that particular student. It has got a unique function called flashcard function, which is quite useful to tutors when it comes to helping school students learning their formulas. Flashcard repetitions in the app are set time according to the individual cognitive requirements and it is proven that it helps the student to learn better in half the time.


It is free Android and iOS app, which is loved by teachers for making the understanding of geometric concepts easier and ensures better engagement of students in the class. Teachers can also give home assignment by using this app which helps students to practice taking measurements and using a compass, experiment with different geometric shapes and create complex geometric sketches too.

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This app is basically for everything. It makes one of the better math apps. There are a variety of content creators that deals and helps with math, which includes direct lessons and explanations, number theory, math fun facts, math history, practical users and more. There are numerous math-related channels which helps you to get answers to the problems.

It is also important to understand that while choosing one of these apps make sure you know what kind of learning is required and then use the apps. These apps will help in any way however for best results you should understand the basic help given by these apps and the use it.