AIIMS is obviously not an easy exam. If you are preparing for competitive exams or entrance exams like AIIMS it means we are going to challenge our ability and power of doing beyond our acknowledgement of we can do. Exams can only be won if we keep n telling ourselves we can do it and it is going to be in our hands. But when we are telling these words to ourselves we need to put those words by practising. Now how would we do that? At first, we need to understand our exams what it is asking not just in the papers, mentally? Every exam has the sole purpose of polishing students for what they thought they will not be able to do. Every hurdle can be won with the help of practice. At first one should make a complete well strategy then they should follow up that strategy by heart.

Role of Previous Year Question Papers

There is a big role of previous year question papers. It has changed so many things because successful students have agreed on this fact that while practising previous year question papers the fund so many new topics’ or so many such topics which needed to be practised more. This is how they recognise those confident topics and less confident topic. Those who undermine the importance of these question papers they lost at least 25 per cent from their marks. It becomes necessary to practise whatever we have read. On the other hand, it becomes even more necessary to know whether your topic has got cleared or not. When you start asking questions to yourself from these previous year question papers it let you discover more and more. So be careful about these things because whether you want to practise with those previous year question papers or not you will have to practise. One cannot underestimate the importance of every word which has already been asked. The more you will practise the more close you will get to your dreams.

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AIIMS Question paper 2013

AIIMS Question paper 2012

AIIMS Question paper 2011

AIIMS Question paper 2010

AIIMS Question paper 2009

AIIMS Question paper 2008

Download from different sites or buy

If you do not want to buy then in the era of advancement you do not need to do that. Because you can simply visit the website and download pdf of previous year question papers! You can practise them anytime you want. There are even such sites which give previous year question papers with answers. As AIIMS MBBS is a computer-based test, so this will be in fact good idea if they practise it in pdf form!

Each individual subject is given according to their subject they may download on the basis of their test papers. You can directly Google AIIMS previous year question papers there will be a direct link which will save your time. You just need to download them and practise them as much as you can. You can even practise them before starting your preparation because that will help you in giving a kind of confirmation which area should be practised more. Or you have to practise previous year question papers after completing your syllabus.